Hello! Oooh, I forgot how much I really, really love blogging. Okay, so Wanderers. This was a free-write meaning I haven’t touched it since the first time I wrote it so I might make it more “exact” in my second take on it. But essentially this piece is a dissection of the bi-cultural identity of immigrant, undocumented, or first-generation youth as the psyches of an intersection; where cultures blend; a testimony of true humanity. This piece is a reflection of those who have been “othered” for their inability to be cleanly placed in any category. In my prior examination of the phenomenon of displaced peoples and their children, I have been led to arrive face to face with humankind’s oldest trait: wandering… or in other words: the act of migration.

Now, what I hoped to accomplish through this poem is a sort of sharpening of the edges of the platform on which my people, my family, and my community stand. And this is all in an attempt to humanize the issue of immigration; a topic that has become politicized through conversation regarding security and economy when at its core, immigration– or migration, rather, is a right as fundamental as the right to freedom from discrimination in any capacity, the freedom of speech, and freedom of thought.

Gracias for reading!

February 2, 2018

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